In a highly saturated market, a creative marketing campaign would allow your company or product stand out.  At Digital Candy Media, we work to understand your business first before coming up with the best idea to market your product or company through creative videos.




The possibilities to a creative marketing campaign are endless. It really boils down to what your objectives are and most importantly 'what is the message' that you want to bring across to your audience.  



  • Toyota's "Meals Per Hour" campaign was both a social and branding thumbs up.  In the video, they highlighted how Toyota's production system can help the Food Bank For New York City improve serving efficiency in Hurrican Sandy-impacted areas. And with every view of the video, Toyota would donate a meal to the Food Bank for New York City. Their mission was 1 million views (1 million free meals), and they achieved that in less than 2 weeks.  Click here to watch the video.


  • A video of 20 strangers kissing for the first time racked up 24 million views in under 48 hours.  And it was a video commissioned by a clothing company.  Great viral but the viewers mostly felt let down that it was just a marketing ad. But if the objective is to get as much people to notice you  in a short period of time, this is a great marketing campaign. Zero ad dollar spent. Click here to watch the video.




  • Coke has always advocated "Happiness in a bottle" as their tagline and they have always done brillant marketing campaigns that brings true this message.  They have recently done one where they deliver happiness to Asian workers working in Saudi Arabia in the form of free phone calls.  Launched on May 7 2014, the video has already been watched by over a million with several people sharing it on their facebook simply for the feel good factor.  Click here to watch the video.